Green Valley Farms (GVF) is a 3,500 acre (mol) property located in Cleveland and McClain Counties, less than 15 minutes south of the University of Oklahoma’s  South Campus, a Multi-Disciplinary Research Center. The western boundary is a few hundred feet (and visible) from Interstate 35 and the entire property is contiguous and easily accessible.

Warren and Jeri Thomas, owners of Green Valley Farms, are passionate about education, science & technology including providing career opportunities for entrepreneurship - expanding the possibilities for Oklahoma and beyond. The Thomas' see Green Valley Farms Living Laboratory as an ideal platform to fulfill this vision.


GVF Vision for Research and Addressable Markets

As a "Living Laboratory," GVF is developing a location for a wide-range of demonstration projects, and a test bed for research and data collection, particularly for research universities and laboratories.  It also provides a vitally important venue for technology innovation and entrepreneurial commercialization.

The opportunity for diverse utilization of GVF as a “Living Laboratory” can be readily discerned when noting that, among the various features available, there are irrigated farmland, improved and native grasses, woodlands, “critical habitat” for the creation of a wildlife corridor that features two endangered and one protected species, the bald eagle; all federally-designated.

The Bald Eagle

such as at GVF Living Laboratory

Focus on Addressable Markets GVF Living Laboratory is becoming a prominent testing and research venue for small, lightweight unmanned and autonomous systems specifically focused on the addressable markets: PRECISION AGRICULTURE WEATHER SCIENCE AND ATMOSPHERICS EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND DISASTER RECOVERY UTILITY LINE SAFETY, SURVEILLANCE AND REPAIR ENERGY/PIPELINE SAFETY AND SURVEILLANCE

Some of the key aspects of the Green Valley Farms Living Laboratory for research and development are:


  1. Offers an open-space setting with access to FAA Class G/E airspace (depending on elevation) that facilitates integration of UAS into the national airspace system (NAS);
  2. Contains a section of the Canadian River with rich geographic features and the presence of roadway bridges over the river;
  3. Includes railroad tracks that transect the farm, including a trestle over Walnut Creek; and
  4. Contains an aging pipeline, which presents an opportunity for utility surveillance and inspection.

Green Valley Farms Living Laboratory presents compelling public, academic and private partnership potential for the unmanned and autonomous community. It is here that the “confluence” of stakeholders can collaborate while doing broadly-based testing and research.

For more information, please click on the brochure above which provides a more detailed overview of the GVF Living Laboratory and the Addressable Markets.

Warren  Thomas


located in Cleveland & McClain Counties, Oklahoma